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Do you have any website, blog, forum, or even a twitter or facebook page about torrents?

SuperTorrent offers you a great way to make your business profitable with 30% commission for every sale made ​​by your ads. See the table values ​​below:

Commission for each sale 30 days 90 days 180 days 365 days
50 GB R$ 4,19 R$ 11,39 R$ 20,09 R$ 37,49 R$ 2,09 R$ 5,69 R$ 10,19 R$ 18,89
200 GB R$ 10,79 R$ 29,09 R$ 51,59 R$ 96,89 R$ 5,99 R$ 16,79 R$ 29,39 R$ 55,49
500 GB R$ 20,99 R$ 56,99 R$ 103,49 R$ 179,99 R$ 11,99 R$ 32,99 R$ 59,99 R$ 104,09

How it Works?

Inside your account, access your Affiliate Area, copy the code to implement image for publication on your website and wait for your visitors to perform the purchase, and you generate income.

How payment works?

Payments can be requested once your account reaches the minimum of $ 20.00. The payment is made by transfer to one PagSeguro account, if you do not have one, you can create free by clicking here.

Have to invest some money?

No, any. You only need to register on the site and copy our codes for disclosure.